What Our Visitors Are Saying

Awesome tournament! It’s something new in The Netherlands where gamers can gather to save the world. Well, it kinda feels like saving the world when you win a game or make an amazing play and others start complimenting you. The atmosphere at the event was very great and you could see that the organisators were working hard to make this tournament happen as it was their first time organizing. They also managed to give us free food and drinks whilst gaming and speaking as a gamer: we love to eat and drink while gaming. In brief it was very cozy and I can’t wait untill the second event!

Jade “Maluku0348” Latuny Training facility services supervisor

As a regular gaming event participant, I can tell that I have a lot of experience in this scene. When I heard that a League of Legends tournament was coming, I immediately signed myself up. On arrival I noticed that there was enough space for me to put my huge pc and screen to have the ultimate gaming experience. There was no loser bracket, but they thought of a way for the losers not to bore themselfs. There was a lounge room where you could just grab free food and drinks and sit down with your friends. Just to keep it short: this event was amazing and just for the price of one euro! I just can’t wait untill the next event.

Ben van der Hout
Ben “InGa Xyntoxi” van der Hout

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