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The first prizes!

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Rito, the company behind League of Legends. When you think about out, they are the actual legends instead of Kayle, Morgana or Ryze. Speaking of Ryze, the teams getting first place in some of the competitions will get a unique skin that can only be won by competing in League of Legends tournaments. Rito is ready to give this skin to the lucky winners of the following competitions: League of Legends 5v5, League of Legends 5v5 random teammates and League of Legends 5v5 URF. Isn’t it awesome? Check the prizes provided by Riot just below this text.

1. 4200 RP, Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, 10-Win IP Boost
2. 3000 RP, 10-Win IP Boost
3. 1800 RP, 10-Win IP Boost
4. 1000 RP, 10-Win IP Boost
5–8. 10-Win IP Boost

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